Welcome To Creighton Laircey Co

We understand that well-functioning systems for cooling and heating are a must for ensuring a high standard of life at harsh weather places such as Augusta, Georgia Central Savannah River area, and we have organized ourselves with skilled and friendly technicians to provide the quickest and the most satisfactory services for all HVAC, Heating Systems installation, repair and maintenance needs.

We started in 1972 with services for Air Conditioner (AC) Install, Repair & Maintenance; Heating Install, Repair & Maintenance and Plumbing Install, Repair & Maintenance. Over the years we have further stretched our services to providing many other solutions for Indoor Comfort. Furnace and Water Heater Install, Repair and Maintenance are some of them.

Air Conditioning:

When you want the best of the best technicians in Augusta, Creighton Laircey Co. should be your first choice. Our HVAC and Air Conditioning repair and Maintenance services are our prime specialty and we serve both residential and commercial customers. Our commitment is creating long-term relationships with our clients and our community by ensuring the best quality without compromise. You can count on us for prompt, affordable, and honest service. With our professional, dedicated staff, we’re ready to assist you. We offer high speed quality services so that you always call us the next time.

Heating Systems:

Our experienced heating technicians are always ready to provide quick installation, repair and maintenance services for residential and commercial heating systems. All types of heating systems lose efficiency with aging, while proper maintenance ensures smooth-functioning, longevity and your protection from massive replacement costs. However, you get these advantages only when qualified and trained technicians of a reputed business check your systems. The repute of Creighton Laircey Co. is so superb that you can call us without hesitation and we will reach you regardless of whether your system/project is big or small. And we ensure you get the same quick, high quality service every time.

The locals of the Central Savannah River area have been rating us among the best hvac services providers since our inception.