Why is my upstairs so much warmer than my downstairs?

hvac-warmer-upstairsIf you have a tri level home or a two story home, this is an issue that you may encounter especially if your home and/or hvac unit is older.

Often times homeowners think that the best way to fix the situation is to close off air ducts to certain rooms with the hope of “pushing” cooler air upstairs.  The problem is when you do that, you actually end up altering the system in such a way that causes more issues.  Your HVAC system was designed to move a certain amount of air across the cooling coil and through the ducts.  When you close off registers, that cuts down on the airflow across the cooling coil, and does more harm than good in the long run.

There are a number of solutions to explore and consider when looking at balancing the overall air quality and temperature in your home.  It could be an issue of the ductwork having a poor design or just not being adequate, your attic insulation may need to be addressed, or it may be that your current hvac unit needs to be serviced to help properly cool your home.

We would be happy to schedule a visit to come out and evaluate your current system.  After we have had a chance to look over your hvac system setup, then we can make a recommendation on what most effective and efficient solution(s) would be for your home.